Exercise Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Physical activity and exercises, pushes the envelope and limits, placing demands on the body that would otherwise not be there. Workouts place additional, new or more demand on the body. Put in simpler terms, it is told to work hard(er) by the brain to compensate, burn fat and sugar and deliver energy, converting food to fuel to address the new needs on the system. Reserve, stores of fuel will now be used up, for muscle, organs and working out is an excellent way to force your system to do what it does best. Once you are done with your workout, your body returns to its balanced state, the emergency is over and its starts to rebuild the reserve stores.

cardio workoutThen the sugars are removed from your bloodstream to replenish the stores so to speak, lowering your blood sugar, glucose. It is a mutually, two-way street type good balancing act of sorts.

Exercise harder, more often, regularly, frequently at the right intensity, long enough Do not allow it to drop to low and place yourself at risk.

Warming up and following a method of exercise user-friendly as it were for diabetic and sugar-type sufferers, require some additional attention and specification here.

There are variations and individual situations to consider according to the Diabetes Destroyer program. You will be the best judge of what is right for your circumstance, health and condition (discuss it with your doctor beforehand, before starting to work out.

Types to avoid and which ones to focus your efforts on What physical activity is too strenuous and dangerous, risky for your condition and should not be done at any cost? Goals, targets and lowering your blood sugar, improving your cardiovascular health or all of the above, the specifics of which will dictate nature, depth, duration, frequency, type, intensity, etc. of the workout, exercises and preparation, cool down, hydration, monitoring, etc.

The role and importance of exercise to your overall health and wellbeing? If there are, what type and warning signs, symptoms or concerns should you be looking for while exercising? How would you monitor and need to take measurements of your blood sugar (before, during, after). What are the potential benefits of exercising for you specifically and individually – how realistic are your targets and goals and what will you need to do to realize them fully.

Combination types exercises are considered best. Aerobic activity, as explained in the Diabetes 60 System, raises the circulatory demand, ensures cardiac workout and moves blood through your system, making the circulatory and respiratory, even cardiac systems act together, for optimal effect, lowering the blood sugar as part of the process, delivering to demands on all these systems for energy.

Increase the effectiveness of your individual systems and body overall while exercising and you will be well on your way to burning more sugar, in effect lowering its count and occurrence in your bloodstream.

Your hearts works that much harder under these conditions and is not in a resting state, pumping the blood through your arteries, veins, organs and system as you work up a sweat, exercise and workout. Health, weight loss, maintenance and over increased levels of energy, sugar expenditure, will be part and parcel of this process and outcome.

Starts small and take gradual steps to over success with exercise, especially is you are out of form, overweight and not used to running at all. Walking, jogging, treadmill workouts, swimming, running are all things that you can try to get your started on this path. Also, consider a step or aerobic class, bike riding, swimming, aerobic dancing, and playing a somewhat cardiac type team sport (basket or volleyball, street-hockey, etc. Chair exercises and just generally changing small things in your routine like walking to work or the store, short distances instead of driving, taking stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from the mall or store in the parking lot and not driving between locations. Rather walking the distance, with the weight of your shopping bags for extra resistance are all great shapers and exercise adjustments, with physical activity in mind to boost your metabolism and burn more sugar, fats and calories in the process.

Tips for Diabetic Exercise

Intensity and duration over time can be increased significantly as your body and system can handle it more. Here are some general tips for those with sugar-related concerns, issues and considerations when it comes to exercise.

  • Consider some sort of muscle warming exercises for warm-up and cool down activities before and after workouts
  • Warm up before you begin any exercise regimen.
  • Work out, at least, three times per week for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, depending on your exercise tolerance level.
  • Right, shoes and supports on while exercising.
  • Take care of your nervous system and muscles in legs and feet.
  • Be aware of warning signs such as visible blisters or sores on your feet.
  • Discuss and talk to your doctor about any concerns, risks, issues or problems, before starting or continuing, escalating, intensifying your workouts.
  • Ensure that you stay hydrated and take in, replenish enough fluid while exercising. Drink water, non-sugar drink, before, during and after exercise.
  • Always without exception monitor your blood sugar before, during and after your exercise regimen.
  • Risks do not outweigh the benefits from exercise for lowering sugar effectively – but do all you can to plan, prepare, execute and remain safe throughout your activity.
  • Do a cool down which is a matter of repeating the 5-10 minutes of stretching and slow walking after you have worked out.
  • Make sure you have 5-10 minutes stretching your muscle groups.
  • Use 5-10 minutes walking or doing other low-intensity exercises before moving into something larger.
  • Do at least 10-15 minutes of stretching

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